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New Year, New Start

The past year had been rough to say the least. Your relationship of two years with the man you "thought" you were going to marry had ended in a less than desirable way. Despite your firm belief that one does not need to be in a relationship to be happy, the harsh break-up left you feeling almost empty inside, and with the coming New Year this was a feeling you definitely wanted to forget. It was your resolution to turn yourself into a fully stable woman with no need for a man at your side.

In order to kick off your resolution to become independent a tad early, you decided you would fulfill your dream of celebrating the New Year in none other than New York City.  Where better to become a new you than the "City that Never Sleeps"? So, you packed your bags, bought plane tickets, and jetted off to live out your dream.

Your plane arrived almost right on time to New York's busy LaGuardia Airport, which was merely 20 minutes from the inner city. You could feel your excitement growing as you exited the airport to find a cab. Sadly, you were rather inexperienced in cab hailing which became blatantly obvious as at least four cabs zoomed by you in favor of other would be passengers.

"I'll never make it to the city like this." You muttered as you planted yourself onto your luggage.

"Need some help?" A cheery voice asked from behind you.

"Excuse me?" You asked, standing up to face a very handsome young man with the most brilliantly blue eyes you had ever seen.

"You look kind of lost. Do you need help getting a cab?" He asked earnestly.

"Really? You'd do that for me?"

You had always thought New Yorkers were supposed to be rude; however, this young man defied the commonly accepted stereotype.

"Of course!" He responded, beaming from ear to ear.

The blond then proceeded to walk over to the curb, wave his hand high about his head, and whistle loudly. As if on cue, a bright yellow taxi pulled right up to the curb to answer his call.

"Presto! Here's your cab!" He said, flashing you another smile. You had to admit he was quite adorable.

"Thank you. I might have had to stay here all night if it weren't for you." You responded.

"No problem. All in a day's work for a hero like me."

"Well, can I know the name of my savior?" You joked.

"Alfred. Alfred F. Jones." He responded.

"(f/n) (l/n). Please to meet you Mr. Jones."

"Likewise. Hope you enjoy your trip to New York, and make sure you check out Time Square tomorrow for New Year's. It's always one hell of a party." Alfred said, picking up your luggage and putting it in the cab's trunk.

"That's actually why I'm here. I've always wanted to celebrate the New Year in Time Square."

"Maybe we'll see each other there!" He responded cheerfully.

"Maybe." You said. "Although, there are thousands of people there every year, so it might prove little difficult to spot each other in the crowd."

"Well then, if we see each then we'll know its fate!" Alfred cried exuberantly.


"Yep! It'll mean we were meant to met each other and be friends or whatever!"

"Right. Well then, maybe I will see you." You said, hopping into the cab.

"See you tomorrow!!" Alfred shouted as your cab drove off, flashing one last brilliant smile.

'What a way to start off this trip? Meeting a handsome guy who I may just happen to see again.' You thought to yourself as the cabbie drove you to the hotel. 'Too bad I'm staying single this year. No boys for me. No way. I learned my lesson, or at least I hope so.'


Soon enough, it was time to go down to Time Square to ring in the New Year. By the time you arrived, the area was already filled with people from all over the country and even some from around the globe. With each passing minute the crowd's enthusiasm grew. All around you were highly intoxicated and exuberant people enjoying the beautiful winter evening. Just being in the middle of everything made your heart beat faster with excitement.

The live music added to the charged atmosphere causing random bursts of dancing. Every so often someone would run into you as they attempted a move. You brushed all of them off without a second thought until you noticed one of the dancers that hit you was none other than the young man you met at the airport the other day.

"Alfred!" You yelled, attempting to be louder than the crowd around you.

"Hey, airport girl!" He shouted back with excitement. "I knew we would see each other again!"

"It must be fate, then!"

"Must be!" He smiled back. "Did you come here with anyone?"

"Nope! Just enjoying the atmosphere all by my lonesome."

"Well, now I'm here, so you're not alone anymore!" He shouted.

"You don't have to hang out with me." You responded. "If you came with other people you should be with them instead!"

"I'm alone too, so we can be alone together!" He yelled back happily.

"That sounds wonderful."

The two of you stayed close for the remainder of the evening trying to chat over the roar of the crowd and dance together to the music. Honestly, it was the most fun you have had in a long time.

"No way! Only 20 seconds left until the New Year!" Alfred shouted excitedly as he watch the large ball in the center of Time Square drop.

"Are you ready?" You asked.

"Hell yeah I am! Count down with me! 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Happy New Year!" He shouted, pulling you into an embrace.

Immediately you could feel your face heating up. This was exactly what you wanted to avoid in the New Year.

"Al…" You said, trying to distance yourself from the exuberant blond; however, before you could do anything he pushed his lips against yours, pulling you into a sloppy kiss. You didn't want to enjoy it. You remember all the pain that romance had caused you in the past year, but you couldn't help but feel the warmth of the kiss spread throughout your body making you giddy with happiness.

"I'm sorry. Was that too much?" Alfred asked after pulling away.

"A tad." You said, looking down at the ground. An awkward tension quickly developed between the two of you.

"I didn't mean to… It's just, it's New Years and you're beautiful and I just really felt like it was the right thing to do. I'm-"

You cut him off, "what did you say?"

"Sorry?" He answered, unsure of what you meant by your question.

"No, about me." You asked incredulously.

"That you're beautiful?"

"Yeah, that part. You really think I'm beautiful?"

"Hell yeah! I thought after the whole fate conversation it would be cool to kiss you, but I was wrong. I'm totally sorry." He said, running his fingers through his hair nervously.

"It's fine. In fact, I hate to admit it, but it's more than fine." You responded.

"Really?" He asked excitedly.


"So does this mean I can see you again. Ya know, on a date or something?"

"Slow down there, hero. Honestly, I just recently went through a kind of tough break-up, so if this is going to work we're going to have to move really slow." You stated.

"Slow is cool with me." He assured you.

"Slow it is then." You said, flashing him a smile, which he gladly met with one of his own. So what if you may have already broken your New Year's resolution? Deep down you felt that this guy would be worth it. There was certainly something special about Alfred F. Jones, and you couldn't to find out what it was in the New Year.
*insert party poppers here*

Here's the second of my New Year's tradition ficlets. I think I'm going to do Romano next. So, exciting! Hope you enjoy this! America is so adorkable.

I do not own Hetalia!
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Can you do one for Spain too?
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Maybe. I have an AmericaxReader idea, but I'm not sure it's going to be a continue of this story.
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oh ok.
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