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October 9, 2011
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Sick Day

"Once there was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everyone died. The end!" You snickered at the old Spongebob rerun. Patrick always made you laugh, but today laughing hurt. Your throat was sore, your eyes were watery, and you could barely breath out of your nose. You were stuck at home on a beautiful day with one of the worst colds you had ever had the misfortune of contracting. All you could do is take some medicine, watch your reruns, and hope that the cold would eventually go away. As the episode came to a close you heard your phone vibrate signaling a text message.

You picked up the phone to see you had received a text message from one of your best friends, Alfred F. Jones.

The message read, 'Want to go to the pool today?'

Of course you wanted to. I mean who wouldn't want to spend the day with their hot best friend at the pool where he would be shirtless? Okay, maybe you liked Alfred a little more than a friend, but it had been that way for years. The two of you did everything together, but he never noticed the way you looked at him. Nope, your so called hero never noticed your advances.

'Can't. Not feeling well. Ask Arthur. I'm sure he'd go with you.' You texted back.

A minute or so later his response popped into your phone's index box.

'Still go to the pool when my best friend isn't feeling well? What kind of hero would I be if I did that?' He texted back. While you were still reading his first message you received another message from the American.

'Be over in 10 minutes! See you soon!'

You groaned. That meant you had to at least clean yourself up a bit. Slowly, you trudged your way to the bathroom and mustered up enough energy to run a brush through your hair. You also considered changing out of your comfortable sweats and t-shirt, but being both lazy and sick, you dropped the idea. Ten or so minutes later the doorbell rang. Again, you slowly trudged your way to the door. Upon opening it you saw your exuberant friend standing at the door with a big bowl of soup, movies, and a cozy looking blanket.

"That is quite a spread you have there Alfred." You smiled, gesturing to everything Alfred was carrying.

"Enough to get you out of your sick funk!" He smiled, entering your house and making his way into the kitchen. It was always his first stop whenever he came over to your house. "Alright! First thing, first! Let's heat up this soup!" He said as he went over to your microwave. You felt your fatigue returning, so you sat down in at your kitchen table and laid your head down.

"That bad huh?" He asked.

"Yeah. This is one of the worst colds I've had in a long time." You explained.

"Well, as your hero I'm here to make you all better!" He exclaimed. He finished warming up the soup and brought the bowl over to you with a large soup spoon.

"Dig in!" He exclaimed.

"Thanks Alfred, but you really don't have to spend your day with a sick loser. You should go somewhere with Arthur." You stated.

"What! And miss hanging out with my best friend when she need me? No way!" He laughed. His laugh was infectious, so naturally you began to laugh as well. Sadly, your laugh turned into a nasty cough causing your throat to hurt even more.

"You okay?" Alfred asked, looking genuinely concerned.

"Peachy keen." You said as you gave a forced smile. You finished your soup as you listened to Alfred babble on about something heroic he did on the way here, but you couldn't help but feel your eyes begin to droop.

"You look exhausted." He stated as he stood up and began to clean out the soup bowl.

"I am." You said quietly as you let out a small yawn.

"Here let me help you there!" He said moving over to you and picking you up bridal style. You were so close to his face that a slight blush rose to your cheeks.

"Alfred! Put me down!" You told him.

"I'm just helping you get over to the couch! You didn't look like you would even make it that far!" He laughed, putting you down gently on the couch.

"Alright! Which movie do you want?" He asked, holding up Batman: The Dark Knight and Inception.

"Inception will make my brain hurt when I'm this sick." You said. Even thinking about a dream within a dream within a dream made your head hurt.

"Dark Knight it is!" Alfred exclaimed as he put the DVD in. He walked back over, picked up the blanket, and sat down pulling the blanket over the two of you.

"Cozy?" He asked with an adorable smile plastered on his face.

"Yeah…" You said yawning. The movie began, but you didn't really have the energy to fully pay attention. Carefully, you cuddled closer to America and laid your head on his shoulder. Alfred looked down at you first in surprise, but then pulled you closer so that his arms where around you. You could feel the heat from his body quelling the chill from your cold. Slowly, you let your eyes close, allowing yourself to fall asleep in his arms.

You woke up to find yourself being carried by Alfred to your room.

"Al…" You whispered, barely awake.

"Shhh… You feel asleep during Dark Knight, so I thought you would want to go to bed." He said shyly. You were again very close to his face, causing the blush to return to your cheeks.

"You're a good friend Alfred." You said as he entered your room and laid you down on the bed.

"Of course I am. I'm the hero." He winked as he sat down at the edge of your mattress. "I just hope you feel better soon. If you don't I may be forced to come here everyday to help you get better!" He laughed.

"I wouldn't mind." You said, feeling your eyelids becoming heavier by the second.

"You should go back to sleep. You still looked exhausted." He said as he carefully moved a piece of hair away from your face. His warm hand felt good against your cool skin. Then, he did something unexpected.

Alfred bent over you and kiss you. Not on the forehead, not on the cheek, but on the lips.

"Alfred, I'm sick! What if you…"  You began to say, but he cut you off.

"I don't care. I've wanted to do that for a long time, and now just felt like the perfect moment, even if you're sick." He smiled.

"Really?" You asked incredulously.

"Really. Now get to bed." He whispered as he bent down and kissed you again. This time you sat up a little, kissing back. When you pulled away, he had his goofy grin plastered on his face again.

"You know, my covers aren't really all that warm, and sitting on the couch felt so nice in your…" You began to hint.

"Say no more. Your hero is here to help." He laughed, laying down next to you and pulling you into a warm cuddle. "Hey, ______________?" He asked.

"Yeah?" You answered as you cuddled closer to him.

"I love you." He said, kissing your forehead.

"I love you too, Alfred." You whispered back as you finally drifted off to sleep in his strong arms.
Oh, hey! Its been a while. Well, a week maybe? Either way I hope you like this one. It's kind of short though... Hope it doesn't bother anyone.

I've had this idea for a while (since I was sick a few weeks ago), so I am glad I was finally able to take the time to type it out! Comments are welcome!

I do not own Hetalia, Dark Knight, or Inception. All ideas belong to their respective owners. :D
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k4568 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014
I want to compliment you on how excellently written this story is! It's very smooth and flowing, while also being adorable! Kudos to you, author-person!
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Oh man...LOVED IT! :D
SilviaMarti Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Adorable... perhaps short but adorable <3
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I love you America!

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okay maybe not lately what with obamacare n' crap but yeah
pktcat Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013  Student Artist

1.) I came here because I saw the spongebob quote.

2.) I always fell asleep during the Dark Knight. I tried watching it twice. I fell asleep both times X3

kurino-sama-alpha Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2014
same with me on the first one!!! haha!! the old Spongebob is always awesome.
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