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Out with the Old

Arguments between two people in a relationship are like fire. They can be started without warning and have terrible aftermaths; however, fire is also necessary for survival. So too are arguments imperative for a couple to remain strong. A small dispute every once in a while keeps a spark of excitement and danger alive in a relationship.

Naturally, one must remember that the arguments are to be kept under control. Like fire, if an argument becomes out of control it will soon engulf the couple, leaving in its wake destruction that if left untreated can become impossible to repair.

The thought of not being able to repair your four-year relationship with Lovino Vargas terrified you. As of recently, the two of you had been arguing almost non-stop. Every little interaction between the two of you seemed to yet spark another pointless dispute. The problem had become so serious that you had moved out of the small apartment the two of you shared in favor of living with one of your close friends, Elizaveta.

"Come on, (f/n), it's New Year's Eve! It's a time to party, not sulk!" Elizaveta stated.

"Sorry, Liz, I just, I don't feel like going out. I'd only hinder your partying." You remarked as you lazily flipped through TV channels.

"Well, maybe if you met a new guy, you'd have a little more fun!" She insisted.

"The only men I need are Ben and Jerry, who just so happen to be right in the freezer."

Elizaveta sighed.

"Fine. Have it your way. If you decide to actually have some fun for a change, you know where to find me!" She called before closing the door on her way out.

In all honesty, going out probably would have provided a wonderful way to take your mind off of Lovino; however, on tonight of all nights, he was the only person you wanted to think about.

Every year on New Year's Eve, the two of you would celebrate by eating traditional Italian food and telling stories into the wee hours of the morning. Of course it was nothing extravagant, but it made the holiday special for the two of you. Now, it was nothing more than a memory in the back of your mind.

Suddenly, the soft buzzing of your phone broke your train of thought.

To your surprise, it was a text message from Lovino.

Ciao, bella. Please meet me at our apartment. I'd like to talk.

At first, you didn't know what to think. As much as you wanted to mend your broken relationship, you didn't really want to get into another pointless argument. In the end though, you decided it was best to hear what he had to say, so you threw on your jacket and walked the familiar route to your shared apartment.  

"Lovino?" You called, as you walked in.

There was no answer.


Still nothing.

"Where could he…" You stopped mid-sentence to listen carefully. The faint sound of the shower could be heard from the bathroom. You sighed.

'How long did he think it would take me to get here?' You thought as you plopped down on the couch to wait.

Sure enough, five minutes later Lovino came out.

"CHIGI! (f/n)! What the hell are you doing here?" He bellowed.

"What am I doing here? You asked me to come here!"

"I did no such thing!"

"Really, then explain this." You shouted, pulling out your phone to show him the text.

"Damn my stupid brother! He sent this, not me. So you can go home." He snapped, practically throwing the phone back at you.

"How mature! I came all the way over here, and you're not even willing to say anything to me! It's been almost a month since we've seen each other!"

"Let's be clear! I didn't want you over here in the first place!"

"Dammit! You're just so frustrating!" You roared picking up a pillow and throwing it at him.

Despite the move being nearly as childish as Lovino was acting, it was the only way you could properly express your anger. Obviously, words had no effect on him, so maybe throwing a pillow at him would.

"What was that for?" He asked angrily.

"You practically threw my phone at me, so why shouldn't I throw something at you!" You retorted.

"Wait… throw…" Lovino mumbled.

"What was that?"

"Throwing things out. It's an old Italian tradition. On New Year's Eve people would throw their old things out the window to symbolize letting go or some other crap like that." He responded.

"Too bad I can't throw you out the window." You muttered under your breath.

"Hey! Watch it! This stupid tradition could help us!"

"Help how?"

"Well…" He began as he opened the window and threw out one your old ratty pillows.

"What the hell are you doing?" You yelled as the pillow quickly tumbled down to the ground.

"I'm letting go of your bossy attitude." He responded, a smug grin on his face.

You scowled. Two could play at this game.

"Yeah, well…" You stammered as you looked for something to throw out. Your eyes landed on the old clock you kept despite the fact that it hadn't worked in year. "I'm letting go of your need to be right about everything."

"Ciao to your mood swings!" He shouted as another item went out the window.

"Bye, bye constant grumpy attitude!"

Thus it continued, the two of you just throwing old junk out the window and letting all your pent up anger go. Finally, after about an hour, you both had run out of things to let go of.

You peered out the window at the pile of junk that was now lying on the ground in front of your apartment building.

"Hope we didn't hit anyone…" You mumbled.

"Who cares? Felt good." Lovino responded.

He was right. It did feel good to finally just release all of your anger without a full-blown argument.

"Do I really have mood swings that often?" You asked, sitting down next to Lovino on the couch.

"Si. Am I really always grumpy?" He asked in return.

"Yes." You replied.

"Well then, I guess we both have things to work on."

"Guess so."

"Can we stop this fighting though? It's getting really annoying." He remarked, as if all the arguments the two of you had in the past year were just some small nuisance rather than a serious issue.

"I'll stop if you do." You answered.


The two of you shook on it.

"Hey, Lovi. What's in those bags over there? I was going to throw those, but I didn't want to throw out anything of real value."

"What bags?" He asked, looking around for them.

"Those there." You remarked, pointing to the two simple brown bags that were resting on the floor.

"I don't know. My stupid brother must have left them here when he came over earlier. Let me see what's in them." Lovino stated curiously.

Quickly, he got up and inspected the bags. Upon seeing their contents his face turned bright red.

"What is it?" You asked.

Without speaking, Lovino pulled out the contents of the bag and revealed a pair of red boxer shorts and red lingerie.  

"W-what are those?" You stammered.

"It's also tradition to wear red undergarments on New Year's for good luck. My stupid brother must have planned this." He responded, holding out your part of the gift.

"You want me to put it on?" You asked sheepishly.

"Like I said, it's tradition."

"Lovi, we have to clean up the mess outside." You reminded him.

"That can wait until tomorrow." He remarked as a mischievous grin spread across his face.
Yay! So, if you haven't read my recent journal entry, I think this will be my last New Year's tradition thing. Too many other ideas, to stay with this one. Gemini's, do we ever finish anything?

So, this is actually a tradition that used to be practiced in Italy. It's not so popular now because of the obvious issue of hitting people, but I liked it. So, here it is in story form. I'm not sure if the last bit is kind of awkward, but I really liked it. Let me know.

I realize there is some implication of things, so if you have any problems with it I will flag is as adult content. However, I don't foresee and issue with it.

Thanks for reading!

I do not own Hetalia.
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How is Feli so innocent and mischievous at the same time? LOL Loved this! a nice change of pace from the always lovey-dovey couple :D
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"The only men i need is Ben and Jerry. And they happen to be right in the freezer." I died... XD
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